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Leads Management

Effortlessly organize, track, and nurture leads with Texon CRM's comprehensive management system.

Staff Attendance & Timer

Efficiently manage staff attendance and track time with Texon CRM's integrated timer feature.

Tasks & Goal Settings

Easily set and track Tasks and Goals with Texon CRM's intuitive Task Management and Goal Setting Tools.

ONE CLICK to Send Estimation /Proposal /Invoice / Credit Notes

Simplify your invoicing process with Texon CRM's one-click solution for sending estimates, proposals, invoices, and credit notes.

Keep Tracking of All Expenses Data

Effortlessly Track and Manage All Expenses Data with Texon CRM's comprehensive Expense Tracking Feature.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Streamline your Payment Process with Texon CRM's seamless integration of Payment Gateways.

File Sharing Among Staffs

Enable seamless File Sharing and Collaboration among your staff with Texon CRM's integrated File Sharing Feature.

Appointments Booking & Call Follow Up

Efficiently manage Appointments and follow-up calls with Texon CRM's integrated Booking and Call Scheduling Feature.

Contracts & E- Signing features

Simplify Contract Management with Texon CRM's e-signing feature for streamlined Contracts & Agreements.

Support Ticketing System

Enhance customer support efficiency with Texon CRM's intuitive ticketing system for streamlined Issue Resolution.

All Kind of Reports leads /Accounts /Revenue /VAT

Gain comprehensive insights into your business with Texon CRM's robust reporting system covering leads, accounts, revenue, and VAT.

Best security

Ensure peace of mind with Texon CRM's state-of-the-art security measures, safeguarding your data with industry-leading protocols and encryption.

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