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6 Innovative CRM Trends to Pay Attention to in 2024

In recent years, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) has evolved far beyond being just a tool for contact management. As we move further into the new decade, some key CRM trends will shake up the industry as we know it.

Here are some of our top predictions for CRM in the upcoming year, including rising CRM use from new markets, powerful features and integrations, and the impact of wider tech trends on CRM.

1. AI is becoming a key part of CRM systems.

If there's one thing that's affecting all industries, it's artificial intelligence (AI). We're using a lot more of it than we might think in our daily lives as well as at work.

AI-driven software resources — from conversational intelligence programs to sales analytics platforms — have a presence in virtually any industry that rests on SaaS solutions. Several CRMs fit that bill, incorporating AI into their broader functionality.

2. There are fewer barriers for first-time CRM users.

65% of sales professionals use a CRM and 97% consider sales technology "very important" or "important", according to LinkedIn State of Sales 2020. However, that leaves one-third of sales professionals not using CRMs. Common barriers to adopting a CRM include reservations about cost and lacking the resources and tech knowledge to implement a CRM system.

As CRMs continue on their trend of becoming cheaper, simpler to implement, and easier to use, these objections are becoming increasingly irrelevant. We forecast a higher percentage of companies adopting CRMs for the first time in 2022.

3. Social CRM keeps rising

What is social CRM? It's the integration of social media channels into CRM platforms. By viewing social media and CRM together, companies gain a more powerful overview of what people are posting about on social media, as well as a clearer understanding of brand sentiment.

If organizations can use social CRM to respond to comments quickly and thoughtfully, they can build stronger relationships with existing and potential customers and incorporate more user feedback into their roadmap.

4. There's an all-star line-up of CRMs to choose from.

Customers are choosing from a diverse market of over 650 CRM systems, with tools that cater to both generalized needs and specific niches and requirements. The CRM systems leading the way for user satisfaction right now on G2 are:

  • Texon CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Less Annoying CRM
  • 5. Businesses can condense their sales and marketing tech stacks.

    With the rise of sophisticated CRMs and core tech tools, sales and marketing teams can get away with using fewer tools than before. As a tech trend for 2024, teams will increasingly wonder: why do we pay for App A when App B can now tick that box and more?

    6. Voice and conversational UI will start integrating with CRM.

    Voice technology is critical for the evolution of SaaS tools. It's a key factor for accessibility, but it also simply makes tech easier and more enjoyable to use. Technology is making it easier for salespeople to track, message, update, and notify their teams about customer data.

    The Biggest CRM Trend of 2024

    If we have to make one overall prediction for tech and CRM in 2022, it's that more businesses will be using technology to eradicate or automate what they don't want to deal with — while getting better results from the tasks they focus on. The recipe for that is a strong CRM, automated workflows where possible, and a connected app stack where data moves freely between your apps.